Agrex Construction

Apsveic Jūs / Welcome

From idea to reality

We finalize


We take your investment all the way to start-up of production - and even further..


We start with the incorporation of the company structure, plan the project - and build the sheds. Finally the production is started up. That is what we mean by Turn-key. Everything finalized - and financed.



We care


We care about the detail - from the animal welfare to the economic results.


In the planing of our projects we always strive to reach the most exeptional level of animal welfare and environmental sustainabilityt Always top of the industry for a long lasting future.



High tech broiler operations


Agrex Construction is the european top-end provider of full scale broiler operations - from geenfield - to modern facilities in all steel constructions. Everything carefully selected from leading global suppliers of ag-technology.


Chicken meat has a huge potential as cheap and healthy, protein rich food source - not least - in the developing countries. Agrex Construction has a vast experience in taking new production units all the way from idea to reality.

This is how it works!


After thorough investigations in the macro and micro environment of a country we are able to set-up the operation from scratsh.

We make it like this:



  • Full business plan is prepared
  • Company structure is incorporated
  • Detailed project is described
  • All approvals are obtained
  • Finance is obtained
  • Construction is carried out
  • Project is set in operation

Latest news



Currently we are finalizing negotiations to make the first sod at the Romanian investment project "Avicola x 5".









  • Optimized design
  • All steel
  • Airtight
  • Pest safe
  • Long life
  • High end technology
  • Neutral pressurevent
  • Bio-fuel heating
  • Web based control
  • Dynamic feed mixing
  • Business Plan
  • Company structure
  • Approvals
  • Project planing
  • Resource allocation
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Certification
  • Specialist dedication
  • Economic control